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Seabrook 4th, 2001

Reflection:A cottage along the shoreline of NH patriotically displays “Old Glory”. In light of the tragic events of September 11, this painting has come to symbolize the beauty of the American spirit and the unity of this wonderful country.Long may she wave!


Inspiration can come from the most basic of things. A gentle breeze or a slight mist has the ability to take the mundane and catapult it to the extraordinary. A simple drive along the mid-coast of Maine expands into a journey of the mind that I interpret and express onto the canvas. My artistic style can be described best in three words: KEEP IT SIMPLE....

Raymond Corcoran has spent the last 30 years capturing the essence of the beautiful NE shore lines. Mr. Corcoran attended Vesper George School of Art and Museum of Fine Arts, both of Boston, MA, worked as an artist in the Graphic Arts and the Fine Arts field, before settling in Dracut, MA with his wife and children.

Raymond T. Corcoran

Our Print Process & FAQ's

On the Advantages of Iris technology GICLÉE Prints

“The Iris printer achieves a quality which mirrors the resolutions of our reality than any digital printer in use today. Up close other ink jet printers are stamping a grid in a mechanic fashion whereas the controlled random chaos of the Iris spray gives a more organic feel.”

“It is really a digitally controlled brush with a range from fluffy highlight detail to a wonderful deep saturation in the shadows. What makes this possible is that the Iris prints tiny dots of unsurpassed subtlety at one extreme all the way to large dense dots at the other. Under magnification you can see that different sized dots are layered loosely upon themselves to build this truly saturated color. This gives accuracy and richness from the thinnest tints to the pure color, to the nearest black tones.”

“The Iris print has a three dimensional quality and it resonates in a way that draws you in. Other printers yield a pleasing image, but we feel they are flat and cold when viewed in comparison with a Iris print. Simply put, the Iris printer is an instrument, and in the hand of an artist it will sing.”

We call our prints Archival Inkjet prints. However, they are also known as a Giclée, Iris or Pigment prints. Giclée is just a fancy word for "spit ink". Pigment prints get there name from the archival pigment inks used. Iris prints were named after the printer used which was manufactured by Iris Graphics.

Giclee is a French term meaning “to spray”, referring to how an inkjet printer works and how giclee prints are usually produced. These large format inkjet printers use small spraying devices that can both match color and apply ink precisely, giving artists a high-quality print of their original art.

They are very accurate, archival prints. Sometimes, it's very difficult to distinguish between giclees and the original artwork. It's not uncommon for limited edition giclee prints to go up in value because of their rarity and high quality.

Due to the highly specialized printing process, we are unable to accommodate special requests.

At this time original paintings are not for sale. The process used to reprint paintings is highly specialized. Our production team has been highly trained and is committed to delivering only the very best.

Currently checks and money orders are the only accepted methods of payment.

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